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About us

Blockchain is changing many industries
and is now connecting the world

BitPikliz is a Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Education Platform that empowers individuals and investors in their learning journey and investments.

BitPikliz helps companies implement Blockchain Technology to reorganize their business models with greater transparency, and increased efficiency, better security, and improved traceability.

With our Education model, individuals and businesses will get the knowledge to innovate and expand in their respective industries so they can achieve their goals and meet the growing demand.

Through BitPikliz Investment Model and Strategy, you will have many opportunities to invest at an early stage in potential technologies. This will bring you explosive gains and help you reach your objectives.

Within BitPikliz Mastermind Group, you will be connected to other successful investors and gain insight into potential ways that will bring you success in your finance. You will find exclusive update opportunities before the general public.

Join us today and let us experience the success you deserve.

We will help you to reach your financial goals
and experience success in the Blockchain Industry

Bedlais Bonhomme - BitPikliz

Bedlais Bonhomme

Bedlais Bonhomme

Co-fondateur de Bitpikliz.

Né a Pestel le 14 juin 1978, Bedlais Bonhomme a fait ses études secondaires entre le lycée national de Pestel et le collège Jean Price Mars (1993-2000) Il a étudié les relations internationales à L’Académie Nationale Diplomatique et consulaire d’Haïti entre 2002 et 2006 et ensuite à PAODES université, diplômé en gestion des ONG et Finances internationales. Il a prêté ses services à différentes institutions humanitaires internationales a partir de 2008 et s’est donné à fond pour cette cause après le tremblement de terre qui a dévasté Haïti en 2010 jusqu’en 2015. https://www.hi-us.org/new_homes_for_haiti. Yl vit au Québec, à Laval, Il a fait des études en technologie blockcain au collège Bois de Boulogne de Montréal en janvier 2021 au Canada. Présentement, il travaille sur un méga projet dans le domaine des cryptomonnaies, le forex et le trading.

Clevens Sanon

Clevens SANON is an environmental lawyer and member of Haitian Association for Environmental Law (AHDEN).He is an active member of the Bar Association of Port-au-Prince. He   holds a Bachelor degree in Law from the law school of the State University of Haiti (UEH) and also a master’s degree in Public Law, public administration and development of the territory from the Faculty of Law of the University Pierre Mendes France,Grenoble,France. Mr SANON is a professional lawyer. He has worked as a legal expert in diverse international institutions like the International organization of Migration (IOM) and the United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-HABITAT). Mr Sanon is a second language teacher. He shows interest in new technologies like Blockchain and cryptocurrency. He’s now an investor , co-founder and training manager at Bitplikliz.com

Jean-Daniel Alexis

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